Proposal Routing and Approval Procedures

Hampton University employs an electronic system called ImageNow to manage grants and contracts from inception to closeout.  Principal investigators (PIs) should initiate an Intent to Submit form in ImageNow as soon as he/she decides to pursue a funding opportunity.  Upon receipt of notification of the approved Intent to Submit form, the PI should upload a completed proposal package using the Request to Apply for a Grant/Contract form.  PIs can track the progress of their proposal using the ImageNow system.  Once the proposal package has been successfully submitted, the PI will receive an automated notification of submission that includes a link to all of the related proposal documents.

Step-by-Step Proposal Process

Intent to
Submit (ISP)
Request to
Apply (RAGC)
Significant Financial
Disclosure (SFID)
  1. Complete and submit an "Intent to Submit a Proposal (ISP)" form via the ImageNow system.  An ISP form must be submitted for each and every grant proposal.  Attach to the ISP form, a copy of the solicitation or request for proposal, including any other related proposal guidelines and submission/mail-out instructions. The ISP form may be found at

    The ISP form provides an internal “heads up” that the researcher plans to seek external funding.  It serves as an alert necessary to effectively coordinate and plan for a timely proposal submission. The ISP form will be electronically routed for approval to the Department Head, Dean, Provost (or Vice President), the Vice President for Development (if applicable), and to the Director of Sponsored Programs.

    Upon approval of the ISP form, the PI will receive a confirmation email from the ImageNow system.  The email will include a system generated tracking number and links to the Significant Financial Disclosure and the Request to Apply for a Grant/Contract forms.

  2. If appropriate, discuss the proposal under development with a representative of the funding agency. Such contacts serve to help investigators to focus their ideas more fully on the requirements of the agency.
  3. Develop the full proposal in accordance with the solicitation guidelines. The proposal should be discussed in detail with immediate supervisor as it is being developed. Assistance in preparing a budget or cost proposal is available from the Office of Sponsored Programs. All persons who develop proposals are encouraged to include students, technology and release time in their projects, unless prohibited by program guidelines.  Also, note that indirect costs should be projected in all budgets, irrespective of the budget value, unless an exception has been approved, in advance.  Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs for additional details.
  4. Complete the "Request to Apply for Grant (RAGC)" form, via the ImageNow system, along with a complete copy of the entire proposal package (technical narrative, budget, support letters (if applicable) and all other documents required by the solicitation). The RAGC form may be found at
  5. ImageNow will route each proposal electronically to each required approver. Allow sufficient time for approvers to thoroughly review the proposal. Proposals with established deadlines should be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs at least seven (7) business days prior to the deadline. This allows sufficient time for OSP to review and troubleshoot each proposal for accuracy and compliance prior to forwarding for final University authorization and subsequent, timely submission to the funding agency.
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Proposal Routing
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