Hiring Project Personnel

The employment category of the individual(s) to be hired on externally-funded projects will determine the type of employment documents required for approval. For the most part, persons having some level of instructional responsibility will require the approval of the Provost. An "Authorization to Hire" form, used to process such requests, may be obtained from that office.

Non-instructional personnel (secretaries, administrative assistants, laboratory technicians, etc.,) are usually employed through the Office of Human Resources. An "Educational Support Staff Appointment Form" is used along with an employment application form completed by the applicant.

Employing students on research and sponsored projects requires the execution of the following forms:

  1. Student Employment Contract
  2. I-9
  3. Student Aid Form

These forms are available in the Financial Aid office and in the Grants Management Office.

Monthly time sheets are used to record hours worked by students. Monthly stipend payments for graduate students are requested using the voucher form.

Project personnel who are assigned to off campus sites (e.g. NASA Langley Research Center) are required to:

  • Attend regular meetings with the campus coordinator;
  • Undergo a periodic performance review of their work;
  • Submit regular Time and Effort reports.

These individuals are to be treated as employees of the University, rather than as employees of the organization at whose site they are located.

Certification of Personnel Activity

Persons who are paid fully or in part from grant/contract funds must provide certification that they have performed assigned duties in keeping with project requirements (See Appendix IV). This form may be found online at the Hampton University website. Project administration regulations require that professorial and professional staff certifications be prepared each academic term. Personnel Activity Reports for Semester I (September - December), Semester II (January - May), and the Summer Session (June -August) are due on the last working day of that term from faculty. Other individuals hired under a grant/contract (e.g. secretaries, technicians, research assistants) must provide monthly certifications of time and effort.

Annual Leave for Grant-Supported Personnel

Persons who have twelve (12) month appointments are required to take accumulated annual leave during the period of their appointment