Mrs. Lillie Green
Mrs. Lillie Green
Vice President for
Grants Management

The Grants Management Office has the responsibility for managing all expenditures from grants and contracts and ensuring the appropriate expenditure of public and private funds received for research and sponsored programs.

Hampton University considers the creation of new knowledge through research and the dissemination of this knowledge to society as important aspects of its mission. The purpose of research at Hampton University is threefold: (1) to advance new frontiers of scientific inquiry and to produce new knowledge; (2) to rigorously provide a high quality, value-added education for its students; and (3) to translate lessons learned from science to the public using a multifaceted partnership approach to accelerate the translation of research into practice.

The University recognizes that teaching and research are essential academic activities and that research is essential to good teaching. Accordingly, faculty are expected to actively engage in research, scholarly activities and grantsmanship. Moreover, The Faculty Handbook states that research is one of three (along with teaching and professional services) equally-weighted criteria for promotion, tenure, merit increments, and other rewards of the academy.

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